Crazy-fast human-powered vehicle sets new world speed record

Crazy-fast human-powered vehicle sets new world speed record photo Crazy-fast human-powered vehicle sets new world speed record

Another success has just been added to the Canadian team, by presenting the AeroVelo bike that shattered human powered speed records earlier this week at the annual contest held on a stretch of highway in the aptly named Battle Mountain, Nevada.

AeroVelo is a Canadian company that manufactures human-powered vehicles.

The two-wheeler was pedaled at wonderful speeds that will likely be the cause for a ticket among all common city streets across the United States and certainly not lag on traffic, becoming a champion of human powered bikes.

A team of bikers called AeroVelo broke a world record Thursday after posting a speed of 86.5 miles per hour, which is now the fastest speed for a vehicle mainly powered by human strength. In 2011, its Vortex bicycle achieved a speed of 72.6 miles per hour (116.9 km/h), a new land speed record for college-built and college-piloted vehicles. The record may have been broken, but with the event running for two more days, Reichert and the other competitors aren’t done yet – there’s still chance it might be broken again before the weekend is out. It has even ventured into aviation, developing what it describes as the first working human-powered ornithopter and also winning the Sikorsky Prize in 2013 with its Atlas human-powered helicopter. The bike encloses the rider in a capsule created with aerodynamics, and features a video monitor in front of the driver connected to a camera that is at the vehicle’s top to allow the pilot to see ahead.

Although they got there in the end, Gizmag reports that not everything went to plan for the AeroVelo team on the day. The vehicle had to sit out of the second heat to undergo repairs, but it was able to join the third heat to set the record. Considering it absolutely cruised past the previous world record, it seems it hit its goal right on the head.

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