Black Lives Matter Will Not Endorse A Candidate For 2016 Election

Black Lives Matter Will Not Endorse A Candidate For 2016 Election photo Black Lives Matter Will Not Endorse A Candidate For 2016 Election

The activist group has been vocal about police brutality after several high-profile incidents and shootings.

I think black lives matter a lot, and I agree with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fundamentally, they are trying to answer a problem that has perplexed society for a long time: How do we send police out to control crime (which, we should remember, disproportionately affects minorities and the poor), while holding them accountable for not misusing the power we’ve vested in them? But as a black man, I do understand that black lives matter.

“I think it’s an important message to get out there to kids, especially while you have the platform”.

The jovial father of three passed out police-themed bracelets and blue heart-shaped sticks to officers and supporters who had come from as far as Brownsville and Waco. “We hear that enough every day”. He is working toward a criminal justice degree at Texas State University.

Officials confirm the protesters were only on the highway for about 10 minutes but say they did make several arrests. “He’s a smart brother”, Smith said on his program on Thursday.

Roughly two thousand people, wearing blue shirts and “Police Lives Matter” stickers, crowded in front of the Austin Police Department on Saturday morning.

The Vermont senator made a distinction between defending the police and condemning police brutality.

“It’s scary as a black parent. These things go all the way back to 1955, to Emmett Till”.

It’s exactly what they have been waiting for and specifically what they want to hear. “That might help stop some of the violence”.

Mathis said that legislation requiring police body cameras in many states and municipalities are an example of the organization’s effectiveness.

Disruption is a key element in creating change, says Minneapolis NAACP President Nekima Levy-Pounds, who has also been a spokesperson for Black Lives Matter.

“There was this really small moment in the movement space where people were there confronting homophobia”, said Mckesson. “What do I want out of this?”

For more than a year, the Black Lives Matter movement has swept the nation. It’s a class issue. People are too anxious about if he’s Spanish or if he’s black or if he’s Chinese, and not just talking to them and saying we’re all just people at the end of the day.

Dr. Drew Pinsky threatened to shut down his talk show and had an audience member kicked out, apparently for the first time in its history, when a discussion over the GOP debate and their failure to talk about the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement became heated, CNN Commentary reports.

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