Android Pay now available on Google Play Store

Android Pay now available on Google Play Store photo Android Pay now available on Google Play Store

In a odd and head scratcher “Google Reader” type move, Google decided to split the online payments (Google Wallet) with its offline payments (Andoid Pay) services to two apps.

The tech giant Google has created a new app called Android Pay to take over the existing Google Wallet app. For most people with a Android smart phone, purchasing a premium app or a service from Android Play is as simple as it was accessing your Google Wallet when prompted from the checkout.

Well, if you were wondering which phones will be getting Android Pay support in the near future, HTC has already provided a list of devices with which you’ll be able to pay across the country.

The basic requirements of Android Pay are a smartphone with NFC capabilities and should run Operating System KitKat 4.4 and later. However, Google is still expecting to have more partners that would accept Android Pay as a valid payment method.

Android Headlines noted that, while the Android Pay launch actually happened last week, the app didn’t find its way into the Google Play Store until today.

Let’s go back a few months and recall the fact that Google did say that the Now On Tap element will not be available in the Android M preview testing. For additional support you can view information at the official Android Pay webpage.

Google is also working with leading payment networks and financial institutions like American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, PNC, Regions, USAA, United States bank and Navi Federal Credit Union. Google will be saving and sending you payment and transaction history including location so you can see where and when you’ve been spending your money. Its advantage over Apple Pay is that, given Android’s variety of hardware, Android Pay has the potential to be on a wider number of devices while Apple Pay is limited to the recent NFC-equipped iPhone 6 and later generations.

Rewards, loyalty, and gift cards are popular these days and you probably have a lot in your wallet. No need to swipe the physical cards because Android Pay will know what to do.

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