Sheikh ”Leaves US” After Street Race Video

Sheikh ”Leaves US” After Street Race Video photo Sheikh ”Leaves US” After Street Race Video

Police continue to investigate the case of a speeding Ferrari which was caught on cam as it hit the streets of Beverly Hills while trying to race against a white Porsche.

The Al-Thani family rules Qatar but it is not yet clear what Sheikh Al-Thani’s role is in its government. The person who took the video made a colorful commentary punctuated with obscenities as he documents the Ferrari violating traffic laws, speeding through residential areas and finally pulling back into a driveway, which houses what appeared to be a black Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake.

Authorities said they were considering charging the Sheikh al-Thani with reckless driving and other offences, but after the video of the joy ride went viral the Sheikh abruptly left the country.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim put us through, and a male voice answered before a female voice interrupted, confirming that it was Al Thani’s room.

The drivers weren’t visible on the videos or photographs, and investigators were unable to find anyone who was willing to identify them, Hoshino said.

A screen grab of the video footage that captured the LaFerrari allegedly driven by Sheikh Al-Thani racing a Porsche 911. In recent seasons, he is believed to have sunk $10m per year into sponsoring the Al-Anabi drag racing team, taking it to championship victories in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Chief Rivetti, talking at a information convention, stated: “What I do know is you possibly can’t declare diplomatic immunity if you do not have it, and you may’t use that as an excuse to jeopardise the general public or commit crimes”.

The plane is registered in Bermuda, where some of Al Thani’s fleet is reportedly based.

“Since it was a misdemeanor and BHPD was not present, we need a witness to come forward and make a citizen’s arrest or give us more definitive video evidence”, said sergeant Max Subin of Beverly Hills Police Department.

Local authorities said that they may look into prosecuting those involved.

The man who posted the video, Adam Bornstein, told the LA TImes that the rich Qatari visitors typically had kept a low profile. “For the most part, they’re very laid-back and mellow”, said Mr Bornstein, a auto enthusiast.

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