Intel’s Curie tech powers cooling vents in sports bra

Intel’s Curie tech powers cooling vents in sports bra photo Intel’s Curie tech powers cooling vents in sports bra

It is like having your very own fan or AC.

The Adrenaline Dress expands or contracts based on the wearers adrenaline or stress levels and sense the flight-or-fight mode.

Chipzilla’s latest move into wearable tech embraces fashion, with a partnership that sees the company jumping into bed with sportswear brand Chromat. Much like the quills of a porcupine stand to attention when the animal is threatened, the garment’s fibers expand into an hourglass shape through a process known as biomimicry.

The new Intel Curie low-power chip is the size of a fingernail and it has Bluetooth Low Energy radio, a six-axis sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope, and even 384kB flash memory.

The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra is now undergoing further tests, until the Federal Communications Commission approves this technology for mainstream use.

The futuristic sportswear is composed of mesh, Lycra, neoprene and 3D-printed frames with vents actuated by shape memory alloy.

“I expect clothing to do work, it should respond to the body”, declared Becca McCharen, creator of the revolutionary top, who also has a background in architectural design. With Intel Curie, the sports bra responds to perspiration, breathing patterns and body temperature, ostensibly allowing the wearer to train harder for longer periods of time. Chromat incorporated it as part of the Spring/Summer 2015 “Momentum” collection which is “is inspired by the idea that clothing, like architecture, should respond and adapt to the wearer”.

Chromat’s sports bra is the ideal marriage of function and fashion.

In an interview with Mashable, Becca admits. “Right now there are a lot of barriers to fashion technology”. McCharen wants the outfit to stretch and bend with the body, hopefully, with the invention of flexible batteries and soft wires. It’s only up to the imagination of the individual.

Will that big thing be Rihanna’s 2016 Met Gala dress or Beyoncé’s bodysuit for her next world tour?

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