Gear VR’s consumer version will ship this November for $99

Gear VR’s consumer version will ship this November for $99 photo Gear VR’s consumer version will ship this November for $99

Samsung is showing us the way with a new Gear VR headset which is shipping in November. This is thanks to the fact that services such as Netflix, Twitch, and Hulu will be making its way onto the headset. Everyone in attendance at the Oculus Connect show received the Gear VR Gamepad for free, Tech Crunch reports.

The company said Netflix is coming to Gear VR, though you can also download it directly to your existing hardware right now. No additional tag on that this time, this is the true consumer version, and it carries with it the more palatable price of just $99 rather than the $199 previous editions commanded. Apart from the headset with Samsung, Oculus announced new VR content and partnerships. If you own (or plan to own) a Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, or S6 Edge Plus, you’re all set. “In fact, during the development of Gear VR, Samsung internally referred to it as the “Head Mounted Theater”…” Moreover, Facebook has also introduced 360-degree videos for its news feed, that will give its massive user base an initial feel of virtual reality.

The 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate movies will be available to either rent or buy, in the coming weeks.

The Gear VR is Samsung’s first virtual reality device for consumers. Zuckerberg, a surprise speaker at the Oculus Connect conference, told the crowd that the company is committed to virtual reality and expects that VR platforms will ultimately surpass smartphones and personal computers.

There will be lots of 360 video available through Oculus Video, Iribe said, adding that its users will be able to do everything from swim with sharks to watch Lebron James prepare for his upcoming season. Eventually, it’ll also partner with Vimeo, Hulu and Tivo to offer more content.

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