Texas A&M-Arkansas Preview Capsule

Above bragging rights and breaking records, Wilson was happy to have his team back on the winning track. He wondered aloud about the difficulty of Ohio State’s schedule and verbally sparred with Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury, all amid back-to-back losses.

Auburn benches quarterback Jeremy Johnson

“It’s obvious now”. He was chosen and developed by Malzahn, who has typically been ahead of the curve in how he utilizes quarterbacks based on their skill set.

Justice Scalia has message for fellow SCOTUS judges: ‘Don’t mess with the

Scalia said at the time that he was not concerned so much about same-sex marriage as “this court’s threat to American democracy”. What is it that I learned at Harvard Law School that makes me peculiarly qualified to determine such profound, moral and ethical questions as to whether there should be a right to abortion, […]

No evidence Hillary Clinton’s email server was wiped

In the spring, Republicans, a variety of reporters, and much of the Beltway establishment was convinced: there was a real “scandal” surrounding Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s global donors.

Drug offenders would no longer have drivers’ licenses suspended under bill

State law now requires mandatory suspension of a person’s driver’s license for up to five years when that person is convicted of a drug crime, even if the violation was unrelated to driving. “I have sponsored this bill for years and believe that unduly burdening folks trying to straighten their lives with a license suspension […]